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Problem 1: Freshers dont get jobs because companies want experience. How will YOU get experience without Jobs?

Problem 2: With so many online video tutorials, other Freshers are learning everything and increasing the competition. How can YOU get both Knowledge and Experience to beat them?

Finally, the problem has been solved! The companies ask for experience to give you a job, but without a job, how can YOU get experience? Without a campus placement, you get career gaps and also lose programming skills as you become out of practice. Our CEO, Nikhil Narayan, who is India's most famous teacher and technology expert, has found a brilliant solution to this problem. For the first time in India, he has introduced a middle layer between a fresher and a professional - an Open Source Programmer. Read in full details and watch the video by Nikhil carefully - this is about your career, it is serious matter!
Summary: New to us? Read this Summary to understand Open Source by IPEG?

IPEG Solutions(FreshersIndia) has been helping freshers since 2004 to get great jobs as software developers in Eastern India. We have now expanded our operations nationally, using cloud enabled teaching. If you are a Fresher without a software job, you know that MNCs do not hire those who have Gaps in their careers. If you are also having a career gap, we can help. Here is how:

1. You will register with us online from anywhere in India.
2. We will give you software technologies to choose from and also suggest those best for jobs.
3. Our trainers from Kolkata will teach you the technology online via Video Conferencing etc.
4. We will allot you Live Open Source Projects and guide you how to develop it.
5. You spend 4 hours every week to study and code the project assigned to you.
6. Your projects will be Live and you will get valid experience certificates for it.
7. You can sit at home studying for higher studies or work in any non tech job but still get experience as a software developer in a totally honest and legal way.
8. You get no salary, but Your knowledge keeps increasing and so does your experience.
9. Within just 3-6 months, you can become an industry expert. We follow international coding quality standards.
10. We provide you experience certificates (Offer letter already provided at begining.)
11. We provide you placement support and you get a great job. Companies Love to see a genuine programmer!
12. The World gets FREE software, and you get Great Knowledge in the field YOU choose, and land great Job Offers and Salaries!

Join our OPEN Source software development programs, get valid experience certificates, training and nationwide placement support. Do not get Gaps in your career while you are jobless waiting for an opportunity.

IPEG Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Software Development company which also founded India's first PHP Institute in 2004( and first Android Institute in 2008. In 2016, we entered IoT (Internet of Things) with
  • IPEG Solutions has worked with many international clients from all over the world on several technologies.
  • FreshersIndia has placed thousands of Freshers, check here:
  • Search on Google for "The BEST Android Insitute in the World", we come on the top
  • We have trained MNCs, IITs and senior software developers.
  • We are organizing Advanced Technology Seminars all over India, including Internet of Things

Our Mission: Our CEO & Founder Mr. Nikhil Narayan had a dream to help freshers of India become successful software developers.

You MUST watch this video above

to understand how he came up with this beautiful solutions that is very helpful to all jobless Freshers.
Mr Nikhil is the CEO & Founder of IPEG Solutions and, and also a senior expert on technology and has provided myriad solutions to international clients as well as IITs and MNCs.

IPEG Solutions is inviting applications for you to join its Open Source initiative. We are going to select several trainee developers for our Open Source Projects from all over India. This will not be a paid job, you can work on Open Source projects part time from home and will be given Experience Certificates for it.

You will be expected to work for about 4-5 hours per week. Work on professional projects, contribute to the world and learn from the experts, right from your home.

Here is the process step by step:

  1. We are hiring from all over India for Open Source Project work. This is not a paid job, but like an internship.
  2. You can apply from anywhere within India. You do not have to be physically present - the system is completely cloud enabled.
  3. Apply online using the blue "Register" button below.
  4. You will get a confirmation from us via email and phone.
  5. We will schedule online training sessions with you. The technology and time will be provided as per your convenience.
  6. We work on Java, Android, PHP, Python, IoT, Ajax, MEAN Stack, LAMP Stack and a lot more. You can choose any of these.
  7. We will dispatch Hard copies of your offer letters with the technology mentioned and the training and project work will start.
  8. Using our Online Project Management Portal, you will be given further help and work instructions.
  9. By spending about 4-5 hours every week, you will get both great knowledge and experience.
  10. You will be allowed to attend seminars & workshops in your city as and when organized by us.
  11. You will be networked with other members in your city so you can learn, share and work together.
  12. Your work experience certificate will be given to you both in hard and soft formats.
  13. IPEG Solutions is the partner of, which has a huge placement network and has placed thousands of Freshers in all kinds of software companies. We will provide you excellent placement support.
  14. Limited seats. Registrations will close soon.

Are you Eligible: You are eligible if you fulfill the below three conditions:
  1. Qualification: BE/BTech,MTech,BSc,MSc,BCA,MCA or equivalent.
  2. Age: At least 21 years old or more.
  3. Skills: Must have working knowledge of at least one programming language like C. We will provide training for the technology you choose to work on.

Register Online: Pay Registration Fee. There is a Processing fee which will cover registration costs, processing costs, paperwork, training fees, placement costs, server costs etc. The Fee is Rs.10000/- Rs. 6,000/- only.

Rs.10000/- Rs. 6,000/- (40% Discount till 02-Jun-2020)
Notice: Only 10 Seats are left. Registrations will close as soon as seats are full.

Your benefits on joining:

• Experience starts from Day 1

• Experience certificates provided whenever needed

• Placement & project support provided as long as needed

• Placements provided throughout India

• Individual placement support

• Special Interview Preparation

• Online Training provided on selected domain.

• Ability to refer new members

• Ability to be promoted to Team Leaders and Project Managers

• Stipend & salaries may provided if performance is good

Some Testimonials: (We have hundreds of testimonial video also. Visit our placement website or keep reading below

Alok Kumar says:
I was having a gap in my career so no company was giving me a job. I worked as a Open Source Java and Android programmer in IPEG Solutions for 6 months. With that experience, I got a good job as a full time developer. Thank you, IPEG Solutions

Sabyasachi Gupta says:
My college provided no placements, and I had lost a year as I was preparing for Banking Exams. I joined here, they provided me with a short training, assigned me projects and gave me great placement support. Using that experience ceritficate, I got programmer job. Thank you, IPEG Solutions.

Shreya Dandapat says:
I had joined a school as a teacher after completing my BTech because I could not get any programmer job. I then started working in a call center because I needed more money. However, this was spoiling my career and I was very depressed. A friend told me about IPEG Solutions and I joined immediately. In just three months, I learned a lot from working on PHP Projects. They provided very good training support and gave me lots of interview calls as well. I showed this experience and finally got placement as a Web Programmer in a great company. I will still continue to work with their projects also, it has helped me gain back my confidence and I have learned sooo much. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Who is this good for:

In India, there are no good companies which do Open Source work. We are one of the first companies to provide a platform like this. All your code will be protected by Open Source Licenses and you can show your work experience in any company.

Limited Time Opportunity If you join today, the process will start today. You will get an offer letter and your experience will start increasing from now. If you apply to any company after X months, you can show them X months valid experience. Your online training will also start immediately. Only problem is that we have limited seats and will be closing this offer soon. Act now or you will lose this unique opportunity - there is NO other company offering such a useful opportunity.

WHO should join?

If you are jobless and worried that the Gap of experience will hamper your future job opportunities. If you work on our projects, we will give you experience certificates which will help you in getting good jobs in the future.

If you are currently studying for Govt sector exams, or working in a non technical job. If you want to keep in touch with programming and have a valid experience certificate too.

If you are currently working in any company, you can use this opportunity to learn new technologies in a professional manner. If you are a person who is working in a Call Center for the money, but want to gain experience as a programmer at the same time, this is a great opportunity.

If you are a college student currently studying, but want to work on real Live projects.

If you are working in a software company, but have a passion to create great programs and contribute to the society.

How will this work?

After you have registered, we will provide you an online training, depending on your present skill and the project demands. You will be taught how to use our online system and provided a login username/password.

You can login from home and download the source code of the projects you want to work on. You will also be able to see the list of bugs/pending improvements. You can then write the code at your convenience and upload it back to the server. A Project manager will guide you through the process.

Your work will be periodically audited and new work will be mailed to you. You will be provided experience certificates for the work you do.

We will help you make a great resume, prepare for both technical and HR interviews. We will provide you full placement assistance in Your city. We have contacts of thousands of software companies all over India.

Which Projects are available?

IPEG Solutions works on the latest Technologies only. Our expertise includes the complete Web stack, mobile stack and projects are developed using Agile computing. We create software using Nodejs, Mongo DB, PHP 7, Java, Android, .NET, Python, HTML 5, Ajax etc. You can get the opportunity to work on software on:
  • MEAN Stack (Mongo,Express,Angular,Node)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web & Cloud App Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Content Management Systems
  • Internet of things
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Ecommerce & Social Networking
  • A Lot more.

Benefits Of Joining IPEG

  • We are a 14+ year old software development and training company
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Kolkata close to corporates like Wipro, IBM and TCS
  • We have provided software solutions to international clients from all over the world
  • In India, we have provided software and training solutions to big corporates, IITs, the Govt and Police Organizations
  • We have helped thousands of freshers & professionals become highly successful software developers

Meet your Project Managers, Trainers & Guides
Our system is to work with the latest technologies and skip the old ones which are not improving. Our dedicated experts and project managers work hard to ensure each Open Source employee like you gets good training and is helped whenever you get stuck on a project. A young and energetic work force ensures we are always ahead in the Latest technologies. Our team members are experts in their domains, well educated from good engineering colleges.

Christina Pradhan
Full Stack Expert, IPEG Solutions

Deepanjali Majumder
IoT Expert, IPEG Solutions

Dipannita Das
Mobile & Web Expert, IPEG Solutions

Sumana Rakshit
Languages & DB Expert, IPEG Solutions

IPEG Solutions

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Register Online: Pay Registration Fee. There is a Processing fee which will cover registration costs, processing costs, paperwork, training fees, placement costs, server costs etc. The Fee is Rs.10000/- Rs. 6,000/- only.

Rs.10000/- Rs. 6,000/- (40% Discount till 02-Jun-2020)
Notice: Only 10 Seats are left. Registrations will close as soon as seats are full., India's most trusted educational institute, is the training department of IPEG Solutions is location in the same address.
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